IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1 Configure the workflow system F231G

1 days


This course trains:

  • The skills that are needed to configure a workflow system to support FileNet workflow applications.
  • The skills that are needed to configure an IBM Content Navigator desktop for workflow.


This intermediate course is for:

  • Workflow System Administrator responsible for day-to-day operations of production FileNet Workflow applications and maintenance of the workflow systems.
  • Workflow Author responsible for designing and implementing FileNet workflow applications in the development environment. The Workflow Author prepares the workflow system objects for the FileNet workflow applications, which typically provide advanced work management and process automation functions integrated with content management.
  • Anyone who administers or develops workflows .


You should have:

  • Basic knowledge of organization’s business process applications.
  • Basic knowledge of database technology.
  • PCs, networks, and their organization’s server operating systems at the expert level

You should have also taken:

  • IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2: Implementation and Administration (F115G)
  • IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1: Introduction (F230G)

Course Outline

Understand a workflow system and its function.

  • Identify the components of a workflow system.

Create and configure a workflow system to support FileNet workflow applications.

  • General properties of a workflow system
  • Runtime Options
  • Language Packs
  • Web Applications
  • DbExecute Connections
  • Remote Servers
  • Isolated Regions

Fine-tuning the workflow system

  • Create and configure an isolated region.

Create a connection point and isolated region.

  • Create isolated region objects.

Create and configure Queues.

Create and configure Rosters.

Create and configure Event logs.

Create and configure Application Spaces.

  • Expose data fields.

Expose data fields to queues and event logs.

  • Define indexes for queues and rosters.

Create an index.

Configure queues and event logs to use the index.

  • Create and configure in-baskets and roles.

Create and configure an in-basket.

Create roles.

Add in-baskets and members to roles.

  • Configure Content Navigator for workflow.

Create a desktop.

Create a repository for the connection point.

Configure the desktop for workflow.

Configure the desktop to open Process Designer and Process Tracker.

  • Configure a web application and step processor.

Configure a web application.

Deploy a step processor.

Configure a step processor.

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