IBM OpenPages Core Team Fundamentals V7.0

1 days


IBM OpenPages: Core Team Fundamentals (V7.0) is a 1 day instructor-led course that teaches core team members the basics of the GRC Platform system. They will learn about the GRC Platform parlance and security, how users, groups and profiles are defined, how to navigate the GRC Platform, how to work with records and design topics. They will learn about using AFCON, configuring the home page, defining views, configuring field dependencies and dependent picklists, and setting record level security.


This intermediate course is intended for customer implementation core team members and IBM OpenPages application administrators.

Skills Gained

Please refer to Course Overview for description information.


You should have experience using basic Windows, browser, and Excel functionality.

No IBM OpenPages experience is required.

Course Outline

  • 1. Basics
  • Object types
  • Object Model maps
  • Object instances
  • Parent-Child associations
  • Primary parent
  • Helpers, utilities, and triggers
  • 2. Folder-Based Security
  • Security domain group
  • Security context point
  • Associations
  • Folder structures
  • Security domain group administrator
  • 3. Users
  • User accounts
  • Authenticatoin and authorization
  • Disable user account
  • Lock user account
  • User reports
  • 4. Role Templates
  • RWDA
  • Privilege optoins
  • Denied and unspecified optoins
  • Role access controls
  • Role permissions
  • Assign user to security context point
  • AURA workbook
  • 5. Organizational Group
  • What are organizatonal groups?
  • Group nesting
  • Group edit screen
  • Organizational group administrator
  • Group permissions
  • Using organizational groups
  • 6. Navigation Overview
  • Explosre navigation methods
  • Personalize filtered list views
  • Personalize home page portlets
  • Global search
  • 7. Editing Overview
  • Explore edit options
  • Grid view bulk update
  • Activity views
  • Helpers
  • FastMap utility
  • Administrator tasks
  • 8. Add New Overview
  • Add new launch points
  • Add new wizard
  • Detail view
  • FastMap template
  • Copy
  • 9. Profile Overview
  • Public filters
  • Assigned object types
  • Home page tabs
  • Navigational views
  • Associatio views
  • Object views
  • Creation views
  • 10. Record Level Security
  • What is record level security?
  • How it works
  • Security rule components
  • Rule restrictions
  • Rule access controls
  • 11. Field Level Security
  • What is field level security?
  • 12. AFCON
  • The AFCON workbook
  • Object type worksheets
  • Worksheet column definitons
  • Non-object-type worksheets

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