Network Automation in the Service Provider Cloud

3 days


This course benefits individuals responsible for working with software-defined networking solutions in service provider environments

Skills Gained

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

Describe the benefits of the NFX Series product.

Describe the hardware and software architecture of the NFX Series product.

Describe the default management networks of the NFX Network Services Platform.

Manually configure VNF service chaining on the NFX using both virtio and SR-IOV interfaces.

Describe the basic features of the CSO portals.

Navigate the Administrator Portal.

Navigate the Customer Portal.

Describe how to add a new tenant to CSO.

Describe how to verify the status of CSO.

Navigate the Designer Tools user interface.

Create a network service design using Network Service Designer.

Describe the various distributed Cloud CPE deployment models.

Describe the internal NFX topology created by stage 1 and 2 configuration.

Describe the workflow for the distributed deployment model.

Describe how to bypass the redirect server.

Describe the additional workflow steps for options 1 and 4.

Describe the Contrail SDWAN deployment model.

Describe the internal NFX topology created by the SDWAN stage 1 and 2 configuration.

Describe the workflow for the SDWAN deployment model.

Describe how to implement intent based policies.

Instantiate an SD-WAN topology using CSO, NFX, and vSRX Series devices.

Describe how to monitor all aspects of the Cloud CPE operations using CSO.

Describe the overall topology of the centralized Cloud CPE (vCPE) model.

Describe the workflow for the centralized Cloud CPE deployment model.

Implement a centralized deployment using a combination of CSO and Contrail Cloud.

Course Outline

  • Section 1 : Course Introduction
  • Section 3 : NFX Network Services Platform
    • NFX Overview
    • Hardware and Software Architecture
    • VNF Data Plane
    • Internal Management Networks
    • Initial Configuration and Management
    • Service Chaining Examples
    • Useful Commands
    • Lab 1: NFX Network Services Platform
  • Section 4 : Network Service Designer
    • Getting Started with Designer Tools
    • Network Service Designer
    • Lab 2: Network Service Designer
  • Section 5 : User Interfaces
    • Basic Navigation
    • Administrator Portal Walkthrough
    • Customer Portal Walkthrough
    • Adding a Tenant
    • Other User Interfaces
    • Verifying the State of CSO
    • Lab 3: Accessing the CSO User Interfaces
  • Section 6 : Distributed Cloud CPE
    • Distributed Cloud CPE Deployment Models
    • Internal NFX Topology
    • Distributed Deployment Workflow
    • Bypassing Redirect Server
    • Deployment Options 1 and 4
    • Lab 4: Distributed Cloud CPE Deployment
  • Section 7 : Contrail SDWAN
    • Contrail SDWAN Deployment Model
    • Internal NFX Topology
    • SDWAN Deployment Workflow
    • Intent-Based Policies
    • Lab 5: Contrail SDWAN Deployment
  • Section 8 : Centralized Cloud CPE
    • Centralized Cloud CPE Overview
    • Centralized Cloud CPE Deployment Example
    • Lab 6: Centralized Cloud CPE

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