Cisco Network Services Orchestrator NSO Advanced Design

4 days


This course explores how to create advanced services using the NSO application framework and Python scripting with both new and existing Layer 3 Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN services. Students will also learn how to manage and scale these services, and how to use NSO Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) orchestration features and Cisco Elastic Services Controller (ESC) to manage Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs).


The primary audience for this course is system installers, system integrators, system administrators, network administrators, and solutions designers.

Skills Gained

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  •  Describe the NSO's transactional application framework and mapping model options
  •  Describe the Reactive Fastmap design pattern and the NSO Configuration Database (CDB) subscriber in the NSO Transaction model
  • Simplify packages to remove the need for subscriber applications, scale orchestration solutions, and integrate NSO with external systems (east-west integration)
  • Describe the Cisco ESC architecture and integration with NSO, and how the NSO VNF Orchestration (VNFO) Release 2 bundle interacts with ESC for orchestration


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Course Outline

Module 1:

  • Cisco NSO Programmability
  • NSO Application Framework
  • NSO Python Scripting 
  •  NSO Python and Template-Based Services
  • Resources

Module 2: Augmenting Cisco NSO Service

  • Service Lifecycle and Integration Options Overview
  • Greenfield Layer 3 MPLS VPN Service 
  •  Brownfield Layer 3 MPLS VPN Service

 Module 3: Managed Services 

  •  Managed Services Overview
  • Stacked Service Design Overview 
  •  Design-Managed Network Services
  • Scaling Service Orchestration

 Module 4: Cisco NSO Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Orchestration

  •  Cisco ESC 
  •  Cisco NSO Orchestration © 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates

Lab 1: Device Setup Using Python Script

Lab 2: Create an SVI Service Using pre_modification Service Callback

Lab 3: Create a L3VPN Service Using Dynamic ID Allocation

Lab 4: L3VPN Service Upgrade

Lab 5: Stacked Services

Lab 6: Service Action

Lab 7: ESC Integration

 Lab 8: NFV for the DMZ Service

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