Network Automation with Ansible

4 days


Learn how to use Red Hat Ansible Automation for Networking to remotely automate configuration of network devices, test and validate the current network state, and perform compliance checks to detect and correct configuration drift.


This course is designed for network administrators, network automation engineers, and infrastructure automation engineers who want to learn how to use Ansible to automate the administration, deployment, and configuration management of the network infrastructure of their organization or enterprise.

Skills Gained

Deploy AnsibleInstall Ansible and create Ansible inventories.

Run commands and plays Execute ad hoc commands and prepare Ansible playbooks.

Parameterize Ansible Control tasks with loops and conditions.

Administer Ansible Safeguard information with Ansible Vault and manage inventories.

Automate simple network operations Gather network information with Ansible and configure network devices.

Automate complex operations Solve new MACD challenges and overcome real-world challenges.

Note: Course outline is subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic, please contact us.


Experience with network administration, including a solid understanding of TCP/IP, routers, and managed switches

You will work with text files and run commands in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment. A working knowledge of Linux, including how to edit text files and run commands from the shell, and how to use SSH to log in to remote systems

Knowledge equivalent to Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) or better is recommended

Prior Ansible knowledge is not required

Course Outline

  • Install and configure Red Hat Ansible Automation for Networking on a management system
  • Use Ansible to run ad hoc commands and playbooks to automate tasks
  • Write effective Ansible playbooks for network automation
  • Gather information about network infrastructure configuration and backup
  • Automate specific network administration use cases, including configuration of routers and switches, ports, VLANs, SNMP monitoring, and routing protocols

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Stockholm Stockholm4 3000 £3000 2020-01-07
Warsaw Warsaw4 3000 £3000 2020-01-13
Noord-Holland Amsterdam4 3000 £3000 2020-01-20
Bavaria Garching4 3000 £3000 2020-01-20
Berlin Berlin4 3000 £3000 2020-01-20
London London4 3000 £3000 2020-01-27
Stockholm Stockholm4 3000 £3000 2020-01-27
Warsaw Warsaw4 3000 £3000 2020-01-27
London London4 3000 £3000 2020-01-27
Warsaw Warsaw4 3000 £3000 2020-03-10
Krakow Krakow4 3000 £3000 2020-03-10
Ile de France Paris4 3000 £3000 2020-03-30
wroclaw Wroclaw4 3000 £3000 2020-04-14
Noord-Holland Amsterdam4 3000 £3000 2020-04-20
London London4 3000 £3000 2020-04-27
London London4 3000 £3000 2020-04-27
Gdansk Gdansk4 3000 £3000 2020-04-27
Prague Prague4 3000 £3000 2020-05-04
Berlin Berlin4 3000 £3000 2020-05-11
Warsaw Warsaw4 3000 £3000 2020-05-12