Conflict Resolution

1 days


Assertion means standing up for what you want. Stating your needs clearly. It means expressing opposition. It means confrontation and it takes courage. Some find it harder than others because of their natural easy-going style and therefore more practice is required. However, the aim should not be just to gain a win. The aim should be to solve the problem and get the best result. Assertion should not be synonymous with aggression because aggressive people adopt a 'I win - you lose' mentality to achieve their objectives.

Our one-day Assertiveness Skills courses will provide delegates with valuable tips and information including:

  • managing difficult people
  • assertive behaviour
  • improving self confidence
  • improving assertiveness
  • dealing with aggressive people
  • managing conflict
  • being firm with members of staff
  • dealing with bullying at work

This course will allow delegates to develop confidence and self-esteem so that their opinions will no longer go un-noticed in the workplace. Assertiveness training will provide delegates with effective tactics to build courage and defy work bullies. Those who have attended the courses have expressed that becoming more assertive at work was made easier once they applied the techniques gained from the seminar.

Assertiveness does not come naturally to all because we have all learned passive behaviours to stave off confrontational situations. However these behaviours can be unlearned and assertive behaviour used to produce results that benefit both parties. Assertiveness training courses and workshops can help delegates increase work effectiveness and productivity, achieve greater control of their daily activities and overcome work stressors.


Our assertiveness and conflict training seminars enable delegates to understand the processes which will make them more effective and increase their confidence and sense of achievement. Anyone who needs to master the principles and practices of effective, assertive communication. Senior/junior managers, directors, administrative, service and technical staff have found the following benefits from attending our course:

  • Greater understanding of effective communication
  • Preventing and pre-empting situations that cause conflict
  • Increased confidence handling difficult behaviour in others
  • Analysis of their conflict resolution profile
  • Using mediation techniques to resolve conflict situations
  • Increased productivity through more effective communication
  • Reduced interruptions at work
  • Found more time for creative and development opportunities
  • Managed time more effectively and enjoyed greater self-esteem
  • Improved decision making and reduction in procrastination
  • Able to manage colleagues and friends effectively
  • Enjoyed a more balanced lifestyle
  • Increased work effectiveness and productivity
  • Felt more in control of their daily activities
  • Reduced stress levels

Skills Gained

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of conflict
  • Manage conflict appropriately, professionally and most of all confidently
  • Use a number of conflict management techniques to suit a range of situations
  • Avoid the negative impact of conflict and work towards compromise and resolution


Participants will be asked to prepare for the course by identifying real work conflict issues they are involved in. They will then use these examples to apply the techniques and skills learnt on the day to plan and rehearse how best to work towards a resolution.

Course Outline

Raise Your Awareness of Conflict

  • Why is conflict on the increase?
  • Identifying the four most common sources and levels of conflict
  • Explore the belief/behaviour cycle that can underpin conflict

Understanding Conflict Situations

  • Master your own emotions in a conflict situation
  • How to analyse the conflict so it is clear and easy to understand
  • Emphasise what you agree on and what you do not agree on

The Power of Open and Honest Communications when Conflict Arises

  • The key interpersonal skills for resolving conflict
  • Listen without judgment and ask focused questions
  • Simple ideas for resolving conflict
  • Understand the impact of body language

Techniques and Tactics for Managing Conflict

  • Employ a systematic approach to solve conflicts
  • The five key conflict handling strategies
  • Follow a positive strategy for conflict resolution
  • Emphasise a win/win strategy

How to Manage Conflict Escalation

  • The impact of aggressive behaviour
  • Dealing with aggressive and negative behaviour
  • Responding to personal criticism and entrenched behaviour
  • Non-threatening ways to highlight the consequences of escalation

Application Planning

  • Develop an action plan to apply in your workplace

Thinking about Onsite?

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