The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) is the UK's leading professional, awarding organisation for offering vocation traditional qualifications in public health and safety and environmental safety. The CIEH training courses develop a great level of safety skills and knowledge and understanding of workplace. These training courses are specially designed and developed to meet the national level needs of different skills. The CIEH sets different standards and qualifications to impart quality education to environmental health practitioners and other such professionals. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health also functions in promoting various improvements in environmental health policies.

Why choose CIEH Qualifications?

Millions of people in UK currently hold and enjoy numerous benefits of CIEH qualifications.

  • Boost in the career: The CIEH qualifications are highly regarded by UK employers. These qualification certificates describe continuous dedication towards career improvement.

  • Different levels to choose: An individual can choose from 4 levels of qualification according to the required skills and ability. Candidates have the liberty to choose the ideal course accordingly.

  • Specific trainings: The CIEH training courses ensure that a candidate is delivered relevant skills and knowledge as per the required industry. CIEH provides sector specific trainings.

  • Flexible schedules: The different modes of course delivery give a candidate liberty to schedule the learning as per comfort. The online CIEH courses give an individual a chance to schedule learning hours as per his schedule.

All e-learning courses and syllabus are specially designed and developed according to CIEH courses and syllabus. The e-learning CIEH courses benefits working candidates the most by providing them the liberty to adjust their learning hour and courses as per their comfort and schedule. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health gives ample ways to choose the qualification level and enjoy its several benefits.

CIEH Levels

The different levels of CIEH qualifications provide variety of skills and knowledge and trainings for different aspects and requirements. Designed in 4 levels, the CIEH qualifications provide range of safety related qualifications.

  • Level 1 is designed for those who are new to workplace. This level provides the basic trainings to the candidates.
  • Level 2 aims at actively involved individuals. The individuals involved in course subject area are benefitted by this level of qualification.
  • Level 3 is developed for the individuals who play the role of supervisors. This CIEH qualification level is aimed for individuals in supervisory role.
  • Level 4 of CIEH qualification is designed for candidates having a management or training role.

    These CIEH qualification certificates demonstrate that a candidate has gained sufficient knowledge and skills in the specific field to put in practice.

    For more information, please contact us and we will also assist you in selecting the right CIEH qualification certificate according to your needs.

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