Microsoft Office

The future is bright for Microsoft Office Skills

Office remains the most widely used application in businesses globally. Along with the standard desktop version, Microsoft has a cloud version in Office 365 - meaning the product is future proof and likely to keep its number one spot. It's common knowledge that a Microsoft Office document is compatible with the widest number of devices and applications.

CourseMonster organises Office courses in the most convenient and optimum way, saving you time and patience. Find every Microsoft Office training course on this page! Decide which application you want training in; choose from three levels (or specialisms); find a date; and submit your enquiry. We will do the rest.


  • Introduction: You have never used the application before; used it a long time ago; or lack confidence. Introductory courses take you through the core features of the application - focusing on getting you ready for that interview or job.
  • Intermediate: You already have a good understanding, but seek to solidify those skills. Although you are comfortable using the program, sometimes you feel "there must be a better way to this". Intermediate courses introduce less known used features, like creating Tables of Contents, Indexes, Functions, Style Sheets, Master Pages, Graphs and Charts, to name just a small number of examples. Courses which upgrade you to the latest version are also listed here.
  • Advanced: You are an experienced user of the application, but need training in the least accessable or latest features. Become an Office Power User and you can make yourself an invaluable member of an administration team; or take the first steps into a career in information technology. Discover shortcuts, automate tasks, create an impact, implement an interactive document, and much more.
  • Specialised These courses are geared to a particular and unique implementation - like dealing with a large publication, financial modelling, or writing VBA code. We also show SharePoint courses for End-Users in this section because the two products work closely together.


We group courses with different versions because it's simpler. In most cases the training will be on the latest version, or it won't make a difference. Please indicate which version you use and we can make sure you are placed on the correct course. Few training companies offer training for version 97 or earlier, but it's still possible, so let us know.

Microsoft Office Access

Microsoft Access puts a powerful database system into the hands of IT end users; the ability to create application systems for information with little technical expertise. Access is not just for storing data, it's about making the data work for your company - improving the integrity of data input; its accessibility; and the quality of reporting.

Training in Access ensures that - from the ground-up - your database is properly designed for data integrity, searching, and performance. Learn about data types, forms, reporting, data masks, relationships, and discover the amazing power of queries. Access "feels" very different from other office applications - a training course will get you started quickly, avoiding hidden pitfalls. Advanced users leverage the automation of macros, for instance. For those especially experienced users, learning VBA is the key to unlocking Access and building the kinds of desktop applications normally reserved for developers.

Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Excel training is popular. Excel skills are sought after because, as an application, it is flexible and powerful. It can be used a handy data store, driving contact directories, price and product lists, and its financial applications are well known. It can drive a simple mail merge; and produce business graphs adding a powerful punch to a business documents or presentations. Business managers use Excel to make cost projections, and build business plans. Companies often use Excel to share information; so it's a bedrock for collaboration. Excel training will help you leverage the maximum functionality from this powerful spread sheet application.

Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

An essential part of anyone's communication skills is some knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint. Keep focused on what you are communicating, not getting bogged down with how, by ensuring PowerPoint's efficient use. Discover how to use themes, slides, transitions, animations at an introductory level; at an intermediate level become an expert working with imported media, backgrounds, headers and footers; then learn how to use flow and organisation charts, and create your own PowerPoint templates. Training will help you get your message across productively and give you the confidence to deliver it without the worrying about the technicalities.

Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Word is a flagship product for Microsoft, as old as the desktop PC itself. Knowledge of both Microsoft Word and word-processing are essential for office work. Word training is the best way to ensure you have the most relevant skills; and will give your current or future employers confidence you know your stuff. Knowing a broad set of Word features and tools can boost your productivity and simplify all manner of business related tasks.

Thinking about Onsite?

If you need training for 3 or more people, you should ask us about onsite training. Putting aside the obvious location benefit, content can be customised to better meet your business objectives and more can be covered than in a public classroom. It's a cost effective option.

Submit an enquiry from any page on this site, and let us know you are interested in the requirements box, or simply mention it when we contact you.