Microsoft Project

There is a high demand of qualified project managers worldwide. Professional project management benefits an organization in many ways as it provides a systematic approach to mange different types of projects and change. It can make sure that an organization reaps the benefits of a well-managed, project-oriented approach to business. You too can become a good project manager and add value to your organization by completing a Microsoft Project training course.

Microsoft Project training courses help develop project plans and manage project resources nicely. It will help you in improving your productivity in planning and scheduling. You will perceive the improved capabilities and features of Microsoft. The courses will facilitate trainees to learn the purpose and develop a project at the same time. You will become an expert Microsoft Project user after the completion of the course.

Microsoft Project can be used in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, construction, retail, financial, healthcare and manufacturing.

Learning outcomes of Microsoft Project Training Courses

Once you complete one of the Microsoft Project training courses, you will be able to apply project management terminology and learn the basic principles. You can develop a plan, incorporate relevant task, resolve your over-allocated project resources, display and edit projects in various views, and manage report project costs and progress. The courses are designed to make sure you are a confident user of Microsoft Project.

The most popular Microsoft Project training courses include

  • Microsoft Project 2013: Mastering
  • Microsoft Project Server: 2007 Managing Projects 2007, 2010
  • Microsoft Project Server: 2010 Implementing and Administering Server
  • Microsoft Project: 2013 New Features
  • Microsoft Project: Advanced 2007 2010
  • Microsoft Project: Business Analysis for Managers
  • Microsoft Project: Customized Reporting in 2013
  • Microsoft Project: Introduction
  • Microsoft Project: Introduction and Intermediate
  • Microsoft Project: Management Intermediate
  • Microsoft Project: Managing Projects Using Office 5927
  • Microsoft Project: Managing Resource Assignments
  • Microsoft Project: Mastering 2010
  • Microsoft Project: Server 2010 - Configuration Support and Maintenance
  • Microsoft Project: Server 2013 Configuration, Support and Maintenance
  • Microsoft Project: Server 2013 Development
  • Microsoft Project: Server 2013 Inside Out
  • Microsoft Project: Software Management

Different levels of Microsoft Project training courses

Microsoft Project training courses are mainly divided into three levels, Microsoft Project introduction courses, Microsoft Project intermediate courses and Microsoft Project advanced courses. The introduction level Microsoft Project training courses will get you started. The courses cover the essential skills necessary to create and modify the projects. On the other hand, advanced level courses are designed for seasoned Microsoft Project users.

Get in touch with us if you are not sure which Microsoft Project training course to choose. You will get an opportunity to speak with one of our experts. Our courses are led by a pool of educated, certified and supportive instructors who have long years of training experience.

Thinking about Onsite?

If you need training for 3 or more people, you should ask us about onsite training. Putting aside the obvious location benefit, content can be customised to better meet your business objectives and more can be covered than in a public classroom. It's a cost effective option.

Submit an enquiry from any page on this site, and let us know you are interested in the requirements box, or simply mention it when we contact you.

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Course Location Days Cost Date
Using Microsoft Project In A Prince2 Environment
Bristol2 853 £853 2019-04-04
Using Microsoft Project In A Prince2 Environment
Exeter2 853 £853 2019-04-04
Using Microsoft Project In A Prince2 Environment
Birmingham2 853 £853 2019-04-04
Using Microsoft Project In A Prince2 Environment
Edinburgh2 853 £853 2019-04-04
Using Microsoft Project 2016 in a PRINCE2 Environment
Onsite2 1000 £1000 2019-04-21
Project Managers Conference Autumn 2017
Onsite1 500 £500 2019-04-21
Customised Reporting in Microsoft Project 2013
Onsite1 500 £500 2019-04-21
Microsoft Office Project 2010 Intermediate
Onsite1 500 £500 2019-04-21
Project Sponsor Workshop
Onsite0 250 £250 2019-04-21
Planning Deploying and Managing Project Server 2010
Onsite4 2000 £2000 2019-04-21
Planning Deploying and Managing Microsoft Project Server 2013
Onsite3 1500 £1500 2019-04-21
Managing Resource Assignments in Microsoft Project
Onsite1 500 £500 2019-04-21
MS Project Intermediate Skills
Onsite2 1000 £1000 2019-04-21
Microsoft Project Server for Managers
Onsite3 1500 £1500 2019-04-21
Project Management with Microsoft Project
Onsite2 1000 £1000 2019-04-21
PROJECT 2010 Module 2 Masterminding your Project Skills with Microsoft Project
Onsite2 1000 £1000 2019-04-21
Project 2010 Advanced Course
Onsite2 1000 £1000 2019-04-21
APM Project Risk Certificate Level 1 Workshop
Onsite2 1000 £1000 2019-04-21
Project Server 2013 Development
Onsite5 2500 £2500 2019-04-21
Leading a Project Team
Onsite3 1500 £1500 2019-04-21
Microsoft Project 2010 Level 2
London1 299 £299 2019-04-30
APM Project Risk Certificate Level 1 Workshop
London2 1170 £1170 2019-05-07
APM Project Risk Certificate Level 1 Workshop
London2 1170 £1170 2019-08-08