What is Oracle? Oracle are one of the leading global software companies specialising in database, middleware and business applications with brand names and products to include the widely respected 10g, 11g and 12c Databases, Financials, Discoverer, SOA, Enterprise Manager, CRM, Business Intelligence, PeopleSoft, Hyperion, PL-SQL, R12, Primavera R12 and Siebel. Oracle's recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems incorporates the addition of servers, storage, Sparc processors, the Solaris operating system (OS), Java and MySQL to their portfolio.

CourseMonster's extensive range of Oracle Certifications (OCA, OCP, OCM, OCE, OCS) and training courses for Administrators, DBA's, Developers and End Users covers the complete array of products providing the skills and expertise required for optimal business and individual objectives.

Oracle Enterprise Management

Training and hands-on experience using Oracle's integrated enterprise IT management products. Discover cloud lifecycle solutions for management and learn how to quickly set up, manage and support enterprise clouds.

Oracle Industries

Oracle Industries covers Insurance, Retail, Utilities, Communications and Health Sciences, with products to improve performance and efficiency. From training, you'll learn how to use, administrate, and implement 30 products designed to ease and resolve specific industry problems.

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Course Location Days Cost Date
Java Programming
Onsite3 1500 £1500 2018-04-18
Oracle Forms Part II
London3 1495 £1495 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Guildford3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Watford3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Leicester3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Bournemouth3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Chorley3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Oxford3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Fleet3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Warwick3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Canterbury3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Ipswich3 4499 £4499 2018-03-27
Java Programming
Manchester3 2499 £2499 2018-03-26
Oracle Database 12c R2 Administration Workshop Ed 3.x
Reading2 1232 £1232 2018-03-26
Oracle SOA Suite 12c Essential Concepts Ed 1
London3 2033 £2033 2018-03-26
Java Programming
Cambridge3 3499 £3499 2018-03-26
Oracle R12 Subledger Accounting
London1 495 £495 2018-03-23
Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Workshop Ed 2.x
London5 1690 £1690 2018-03-19
Java SE8 Fundamentals
Manchester4 1352 £1352 2018-03-19
Oracle Database 12c Introduction
Leeds5 2550 £2550 2018-03-19
Oracle Database 12c R2 New Features for 12c R1 Administrators
Edinburgh5 1945 £1945 2018-03-19
Introduction to Oracle SQL
Sunderland1 425 £425 2018-03-19
Oracle Database Oracle Database 12c Managing Multitenant Architecture
London2 795 £795 2018-03-15
Introduction to Oracle SQL
Birmingham1 425 £425 2018-03-12
Oracle 11g Release 2.x SQL Performance Tuning
London1 425 £425 2018-03-12
Oracle Database 11g Administration Workshop II Release 2
Manchester5 2550 £2550 2018-03-12
Introduction to Oracle SQL
Edinburgh1 425 £425 2018-03-12
Oracle R12 New Features Seminar
London1 495 £495 2018-03-08
MySQL Performance Tuning
London3 1530 £1530 2018-03-06
Java SE8 Fundamentals
London5 1595 £1595 2018-03-05
Oracle Database 11g Release 2.x DBA using Enterprise Manager
London2 895 £895 2018-03-01