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Specializing in navigating the complexities of IT Training, our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to reshaping training functions for industry leaders like Services Australia and Telstra.

Through a partnership with CourseMonster, clients gain access to a comprehensive suite of Training Managed Services, covering everything from course development to the efficient management of learning technology. With over two decades of experience, we excel in on-the-ground management and administration of the entire learning process.

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- Kelvin Durcan, CEO and Partner

CourseMonster is leading the way

At CourseMonster, our core values are more than just words on paper; they are the guiding principles that shape everything we do. These values are the heartbeat of our organization, and they reflect our unwavering commitment to your success. When you choose to embark on a learning journey with us, you become a part of a community.

CourseMonster’s mission is clear: to build a global presence for CourseMonster, we aim to be pioneers in delivering World Class, Global Training Managed Services.

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Trusted by over 1/2 million students in 15 countries

Our clients have included prestigious national organisations such as Oxford University Press, multi-national private corporations such as JP Morgan and HSBC, as well as public sector institutions such as the Department of Defence and the Department of Health.

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks for your partnership this year and look forward to continuing to work with you in 2024.” “I was working directly with VMWare on costing and you’ve come in with a better price, so thank you very much for that.” I have worked with CourseMonster for a number of years now and have always been impressed with the efficient way my training course requests have been handled. Virtual training was not an option offered to employees until CourseMonster fully explained how this actually worked and the cost savings associated with travelling expenses. We always receive feedback information at the end of each course. It is really beneficial to have my dedicated team at CoureMonster-it’s like having an additional assistant as part of our team

"Course Monster is a real Education Treasure when it comes serving difficult topics such as IBM i. These guys are eager to help and work 24h in order to get the best customer satisfaction result. Many thanks would be very few words for them, again Thank you!"



"CourseMonster were fantastic at organizing this course for me. The pre-booking questions were all answered efficiently, the booking process was smooth. The person I was working with was always polite and courteous and made the overall experience very smooth. I'd recommend the course to others given the variety of things the course covers and generally the value for money it provides."



"Focused on our objectives, we are committed to learning in all areas of our business. Partnering with CourseMonster, we have ready access to experienced and knowledgeable people so I don't waste time searching for courses; they streamline the whole process, suggesting suitable events. At the back end they provide innovative IT solutions simplifying all our administration."



We love using CourseMonster as they have such a range of courses and are very professional. In dealing with the Team, I know that he will source the best possible courses that are tailored to our training needs. The team manages to obtain the best possible prices compared to other vendors, enabling us to continue dealing with him. The team are always available to speak with via telephone or MS Teams. When I have emailed, they always respond within an hour or so. Thank you!


Transport for NSW

Booking experience was easy and simple. I just asked for some dates and used my personal credit card which should be uncomplicated, especially since there is no travel, to submit to my expense team for re-embursment.



Dealing with Course Monster was indeed easy and smooth, specially with your coordination and prompt communication back and forth with me and the course specific trainer to sort and clarify decision making points on required course material, curriculum and also customising as per our company need. I should say it was fairly smooth to get myself enrolled in this course with Course Monster.


eHealth NSW

CourseMonster were fantastic at organizing course for me. The procedure for booking courses is surprisingly simple and smooth. It’s very helpful for my subsequence company reimbursement.



One on one training with a real experienced instructor

“Unlock Your Potential with Face-to-Face Learning!”

Experience the Power of Real Connections, Motivation, and Immediate Feedback. Discover Why Learning in Person with Human Instructors is the Key to Your Success.

Customized Curriculum to Suit Your Needs

Bid farewell to wasted hours on irrelevant subjects and welcome a new era of efficient, effective learning.

Guided by Industry Experts

Learn from the best in the industry, receive personalized feedback, and gain insights that can't be found in textbooks.

Flexible Scheduling

Our flexible scheduling ensures that your training seamlessly adapts to your life, allowing you to pursue your professional development without upheaval.


Course Instructors

Our expert instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your training sessions. They don't just teach; they inspire and empower your team to excel. With their guidance, your employees will gain practical skills that translate directly to improved performance.

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CourseMonster is a leading accredited training provider of IBM, APMG, DASA, PeopleCert and other training bodies.