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CM Training provides managed training services to the training industry. We currently work with IBM, Oracle, Red Hat and PeopleCert to facilitate and deliver their training course catalogue.

Why choose our Managed Learning and Development Services?

Our team has combined knowledge of over 100 years expertise in the training industry. CM Training’s Managed Service suite offers a range of ways to simplify management and training administration processes for improved efficiency, quality and cost control. CM Training’s Managed Services can help an enterprise to gain full control of its main services while having peace of mind that it’s training is covered by a professional company with expert employees.

Partnering with CM Training will drive down the total cost of your training devision – typically by 15% to 20%.

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Trusted by over 1/2 million students in 15 countries

Our clients have included prestigious national organisations such as Oxford University Press, multi-national private corporations such as JP Morgan and HSBC, as well as public sector institutions such as the Department of Defence and the Department of Health.