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Microsoft is one of the largest and most renowned companies in the computing world. They are responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing and licensing an ever-increasing array of different software products. The two most notable ones are the Windows operating system and the Office suite of applications. In addition they provide comprehensive support for all users, ensuring they can use their products effectively. 

Whatever your area of interest, whether it is system architecture, development, administration, web applications, communications, networking, project management, security or design, there is Microsoft software you can utilise. The products are high quality and reliable. In addition they also receive regular updates to improve features, performance and security. 

CourseMonster understand the value Microsoft software can offer. That is why we encourage businesses to make use of it. To help them with this we offer over a directory of 500 different Microsoft training courses. Each of them is organised, detailed, and will help learners to build their skills. We have fantastic customer satisfaction rates and ensure that every learner receives the support they need. 

We are able to provide either public or customised training, adapting to suit the specific needs of each business. Whether it is a large class or a smaller group, we will ensure they are trained to a very high standard.

Over the years we have provided Microsoft training courses for respected companies from a wide array of different industries. We can cater for each of their needs and build long lasting relationships because they know we are a reliable training provider.

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Whether your interest is in architecture, development, system administration, web applications, design, communications, security, networking, project management, or business applications, with over 500 Microsoft training courses in our directory you will can quickly find the training you need on CM Training. 

Contact us to get more information the vast array of Microsoft certification and training available through CM training.

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How to get Microsoft Certification? k

·        Choose the appropriate certification for you, understand what you require. MCP verifies your skills in a wide range of Microsoft technologies. 

·        Examine the advantages. Students can also take benefit of exam reductions and other special incentives.

·        Get the courses you need, whether in-person or online and prepare for the exam with free Microsoft Press e-books.

A Microsoft Certification can boost your chances of being employed up to fivefold. According to statistics, 86% of businesses prefer IT certified applicants, and 64% of recruiters prefer a Microsoft credential over others.

What is Microsoft Certification? k

A Microsoft certification validates your technical abilities in particular Microsoft technology-related roles. Microsoft offers over 250 certifications for various skill levels depending on connected tests, and you'll need to achieve them in a proper sequence.

How Much does a Microsoft Certification Cost?       k

Microsoft certification examinations at the Associate and Professional levels normally cost $165 per exam. This is the fee for taking the exam, regardless of whether you qualify or fail. The Microsoft certification “Associate” and “Expert” level examinations normally cost $165 for each exam.

What Microsoft Certification should I get? k

You should study the one that will be most beneficial to your professional growth. For instance, when you already work with Android and iOS, integrating Windows Store Apps is a great decision because it would enable you to build for all three primary mobile platforms. But if you're a web designer or developer, you should definitely look at the Web Application track.

How Long does Microsoft Certification Last? k

Microsoft specialized certifications are effective for one year from the day you fulfill all certification prerequisites. To keep your certification from expiring, you should renew this before the certification expiry date.

How to Pass Microsoft Certification Exams? k

Create a Study Routine

When it gets down to studying, provide yourself some routine and focus your study time. Otherwise, it will be far too easy to avoid or neglect what needs to be done.

Review all the Topics

Microsoft certification examinations are extremely comprehensive, to the point where even highly experienced individuals have failed them. The questions are meant to test your knowledge, it's not a good idea to merely assume and pray for the best.

Obtain Some Study Materials

Obtain study resources from Microsoft-approved reputable sites. Microsoft makes its associated content available online, and then you can find internet resources and communities from people that have taken the examination in the past.

Take A note While You're Studying

Make a note of any technical information you come across while preparing for any Microsoft Certification exam. Given how comprehensive Microsoft's examinations are, it could be a lifesaver.

Use the Technology to Practice

Hands-on experience will be extremely beneficial as you prepare for the exam. Instead of attempting to answer questions about a theoretical procedure that you've just read about, you'll have a firsthand understanding of what a task accomplishes.

Try Out Some Practice Exams

Taking practice exams before your final assessment is one of the most beneficial things you must do to prepare for it. Take the practice tests as though they were real exams so that you know how to prepare for the main day.

Try to Relax on the Day of the Exam

When it comes time for the exam, the smartest way you could do would be to relax, understanding that you've done your homework to prepare. While it is important to take each question seriously, coming into the exam worried and overwhelmed can raise your chances of failing.

Which Microsoft Certification is Best? k

Because all of these courses are tied to the OS that the firm has developed, successfully finishing any one of the top and most in-demand Microsoft certifications will give them a strong professional career to improve. You can learn more about these qualifications and study the ones that are most appropriate for your professional goals.

·        Microsoft Azure Administrator

·        Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

·        Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

·        Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

·        Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

·        Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

·        Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer

·        Microsoft Azure Architect Design

·        Implementing an Azure Data Solution

·        Designing an Azure Data Solution

Where can I Find Online Training for Microsoft Office for Beginners? k

There are numerous online resources available to help you understand the fundamental and advanced aspects of Microsoft Office. You can either take a free SkillShare session or study on your own by watching some YouTube videos.

Thinking about Onsite?

If you need training for 3 or more people, you should ask us about onsite training. Putting aside the obvious location benefit, content can be customised to better meet your business objectives and more can be covered than in a public classroom. It's a cost effective option. One on one training can be delivered too, at reasonable rates.

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