Linux is a Unix based computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution.

A Linux® certification validates your knowledge of the Linux operating system. Many open source organizations provide Linux certifications to prepare IT professionals with knowledge applicable in a real-world environment. 

As IT systems and workloads get more sophisticated, the operating system and underlying architecture must be dependable, scalable, and performance-driven. Linux has evolved over time to become the default standard for operating highly available, dependable, and important workloads, whether traditional or new, from bare metal to virtualization, cloud, and containers.

CourseMonster is an LPI Authorized Training Partner. The LPI Level 1 (LPIC-1) and Level 2 (LPIC-2) certification exams are offered and administered at CourseMonster. As well as taking exams, students can prepare for the LPI101, LPI102, LPI201, and LPI202 by LPI exam prep courses.

CourseMonster courses cover topics you need to know in order to successfully complete several leading industry-standard Linux certifications. This matrix shows which CourseMonster courses provide you with the knowledge for the most sought-after certifications for Linux.

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Linux Courses

What is Linux Training? k

This training course examines the many tools and techniques that Linux system administrators and end users utilize on a daily basis in a Linux environment. By the end of this course, you will have a solid working knowledge of Linux and be able to traverse the many Linux distributions, configure the operating system, use the graphical user interface, and perform basic command-line operations.

What is Red Hat Linux Training? k

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the premier open source tool for modern datacenters, with a robust, flexible base that evolves with your business. More than 90% of Fortune Global 500 companies choose Red Hat products and solutions for this reason alone.

How to get Linux Certification? k

Certifications might be based on specific Linux distributions and products, or they can be agnostic to the distributions. For example, Linux certification programs from Red Hat, the Linux Professional Institute, and CompTIA Linux+ are all well-liked and widely acknowledged.

How Much is Linux Certification? k

The cost of certification training can add a significant amount to the overall cost of certification. To complete any Linux certification exam, you will have to brush up on specific areas that you don't utilize on a daily basis, even if you are already experienced with Linux. Some of this can be done on your own utilizing free online resources like product manuals.

Another option is to take instructor-led classroom training, which can run anything from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Self-study is popular among certification candidates, and there are many great publications available to assist them in their preparation.

Linux Certification in Australia k

With hands-on projects, Linux training in Australia teaches you how to set up Linux on a server and workstation, deploy the Linux file system, identify partition kinds, and use the Linux PS command line interface to your advantage.

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