Pure Storage helps companies push the boundaries of what’s possible. Pure’s end-to-end data platform – including FlashArray, FlashBlade and our converged offering with Cisco, FlashStack – is powered by innovative software that’s cloud-connected for management from anywhere on a mobile device and supported by the Evergreen business model. The company’s all-flash based technology, combined with its customer-friendly business model, drives business and IT transformation with solutions that are effortless, efficient and evergreen.

Pure Storage training courses we deliver consist of Lectures, Labs, and Discussions and are available either in a classroom setting or as virtual live courses.

The Pure Storage Administration Training is a condensed course covering all of the technical aspects of the Pure Storage FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X platforms. This course is intended for those who are new to Pure Storage. This highly interactive course gives you all the skills and knowledge to get started with Pure Storage technology.

Show the world that you know your way around Pure Storage technologies. Put your knowledge to the test and deliver business value to your organisation. Validate your skills and abilities related to Pure Storage products.To be a Pure Storage Certified Administration Associate is to demonstrate foundational knowledge of management of the Pure Storage array. Pure Storage’s Certification exams have been developed following industry best practices to strive for reliable and valid test score interpretations.

Storage Admins, I urge you to check out these 5 certifications. If honorable mentions seem more appropriate then go ahead with those. It’s not about overkill but looking at the big picture. Companies are undergoing restructuring and transformation. IT vendors are offering solutions to “Redefine IT” ( I know, EMC’s punch line ). To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with an investment in Pure Storage, Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with four Pure Storage customers. For a brief description of each customer, see the Analysis section. According to Pure Storage, its FlashArray FA-400 Series is an economical all-flash storage solution for virtually any workload. Purity is the Pure Storage operating environment built from the ground up for flash. Purity is provided at no additional cost with every FlashArray and runs consistently across the entire FlashArray hardware family.

The Pure Storage Administration Associate Exam measures candidates’ proficiency in basic management of the Pure Storage array. This exam helps to validate the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of successful Pure Storage Administrators at the Associate level.

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