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This is a 5 day course

Got an idea for an animated story? Want to develop visual demonstrations of topics in your teaching syllabus? Need to create an animated Banner Ad for websites?

You need frame-byframe animation!

This course is your starting point. Dive into Adobe Animate (based on Flash, but without the problems and with much, much more than Flash ever had) to bring to animation life your ideas. Through a series of exercises you will develop short examples of animation of animate and inanimate objects and then export your animation into a suitable format for publishing on your platform of choice.

This course is for the novice and starts at the beginning. You will be using images/drawings that are provided for each exercise, so you dot even have to know how to draw!

You’ll also discover the 12 Principles of Animation that make your animations standout from the crowd!

This is NOT a learn how to draw course, you only need to be able to create simple shapes using the drawing tools in Animate to complete this course.

Skills Gained

  • Design Animation Sequences
  • Assemble Assets and Animate
  • Create finished animation for publication


No prerequisites other than a burning desire to create animations! 


  • Why Animation frame-by-frame Works
  • Know your Keyframes from Your Tween Frames
  • The Animate Interface Parts
  • Project 1: A Short Story Animation
  • Project 2: How a Mechanical device works
  • Project 1: Banner Ad
  • Learning Outcomes

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