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In this course, learn to use Adobe Illustrator to enhance your designs and layouts. Get a deeper insight into printing techniques and procedures. During this course, delegates will also learn to make use of color effectively in Adobe Illustrator, understand the impact of PostScript language on output and also common problems that occur to ensure better final product. In Adobe Illustrator level 2 course, gain illustration skills as well as production skills by learning from our Certified Adobe instructors. Our instructors enable you to work on real world projects like creating logos, developing packages and creating realistic illustrations. Also, understand how simple tools like gradients and shadows can help in adding more detail and realism to illustrations.

Level 2 will teach delegates to use advanced tools and options to create better artworks. Learn to draw multiple pictures and enhance their appearance using paint option to create catchy eye artwork for commercial printing, advertisements and graphics for the web.


The below-mentioned delegates can take this course:

  • DTP Artists
  • Visual Artists
  • Designers
  • Publishers
  • Pre-Press Professionals
  • Communication Professionals

Skills Gained

  • Understand to create and enhance complex illustrations
  • Create vector graphics and apply special effects
  • Set up and Modify illustrations
  • Know to use and create patterns and gradients
  • Make use of creative effects and graphic styles
  • Develop symbols and use them
  • Know how to create vector web images and flash interfaces
  • Create posters, postcards, advertisements for web and print purpose
  • Create diagrams, maps and charts
  • Learn to work with graphs and variables
  • Understand to add 3D effects to any 2D object
  • Optimising images for having high resolution on other devices
  • Add interactive symbols to artwork to make it more appealing
  • Merge Adobe Illustrator images with other Adobe applications like Photoshop, InDesign
  • Effectively prepare documents for commercial printing and website
  • Export graphics for website and other devices
  • Create and save the illustrations for the web


The delegate must have attended the Adobe Illustrator Level 1 course.


Enhance artwork with layers

  • Understand about layers
  • Create layers and sub-layers
  • Edit layers
  • Edit objects
  • Post and view layers
  • Create clipping mask

Blend, Patterns, and Gradients

  • Work with Gradients and Blended Objects
  • Paint with patterns

To create poster use brushes

  • Collaborate with brushes
  • Create Brushes
  • Use pattern, bristle, art and calligraphic brushes
  • Work with Blob brush tool

Know about creative use of Effects and Graphics

  • Use Appearance panel and live effects
  • Apply raster effect
  • Use graphic styles

Create Artwork

  • Work with symbols and its tools
  • Understand and work with perspective grid
  • Edit symbols in perspective grid

Use Adobe Illustrator with other Applications of Adobe

  • Merge artwork
  • Place image files
  • Images Masking
  • Colour sampling in placed images
  • Work with image links
  • Package file

Prepare content for the web

  • Save content for the web
  • Save artwork as SVG

Use Transform tools

  • Understand about Transform tools
  • Scale and Rotate objects
  • Reflect and shear objects
  • Change object perspective
  • Know Distortion tools
  • Distort objects

Advanced color themes for Adobe Illustrator

  • Understand color themes
  • Navigate to Adobe Color
  • Use Colour wheel
  • Learn color rules
  • Save a color theme
  • Explore color themes
  • Follow color guide

Advanced objects in Adobe Illustrator

  • Know pathfinder
  • Create and modify compound shape
  • Apply Pathfinder effects
  • Create compound paths
  • Overview of envelopes
  • Reshape objects using envelopes
  • Blend shapes
  • Cutting and dividing objects


  • Summary of effects
  • Understand 3D effects
  • Use Bevel effect, and 3D extrude
  • Apply Outer Glow Effect, and 3D Revolve effect
  • Overview of appearance panel


  • Overview of Tracing
  • Image Trace panel and Using Image trace
  • Expand image paths in traced image

Text capabilities of Adobe Illustrator

  • Character and paragraph styles
  • Work with threaded text
  • Change case
  • Type orientation
  • Fit headlines
  • Show hidden characters
  • Convert type to outlines
  • Customize text paths

Work with data-driven graphics

  • Use variable palette
  • Create inbound variables
  • Binding variables to object attributes
  • Edit and Delete variables
  • Using data sets
  • Load and save variable libraries
  • Save templates for Data-Driven Graphics

Outputting documents from Adobe Illustrator

  • Create crop area
  • Preview overprint
  • Create color separations
  • Create Adobe PDF file

Export graphics for web and mobile

  • Convert colors to web safe colors
  • Understand to create slices
  • Add more interactivity to SVG file
  • Export Web Graphics for various devices
  • Preview Illustration for output on Mobile

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