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If you're wondering what the Cloud hype is about or want to know what it can do for your enterprise—without the technical jargon—this course is for you.

Learn ?what ?Google ?Cloud ?technology ?makes ?possible ?through ?three ?distinct ?lenses: technology, ?economics, ?and ?security. ?A ?fourth ?lens ?helps ?you ?rethink ?optimization ?by leading ?a ?people-first ?culture ?of ?innovation. ?While ?working ?in ?groups, ?explore ?machine learning ?use ?cases ?to ?define ?a ?concrete ?transformation ?vision ?for ?your ?business. ?This vision ?will ?take ?into ?account ?all ?Cloud ?adoption ?phases ?so ?that ?you ?can ?mobilize ?your teams ?to ?work ?in ?tandem ?toward ?business ?acceleration ?while ?reducing ?costs.

Virtual Learning:  

This interactive training can be taken from any location, your office or home and is delivered by a trainer. This training does not have any delegates in the class with the instructor, since all delegates are virtually connected. Virtual delegates do not travel to this course, Global Knowledge will send you all the information needed before the start of the course and you can test the logins. 


This class is intended for experienced developers who are responsible for managing big data transformations including: 

  • Traditional enterprise business decision makers


Skills Gained

This course teaches participants the following skills:

  • Differentiate Google Cloud from traditional technology through financial and IT lenses.
  • Describe the top ways Google Cloud Platform (GCP) innovatively reduces costs and creates value using examples.
  • Describe the requirements to successfully lead a people-first culture of innovation.
  • Describe Google's multi-layer measures to ensure customer data is secure, private, and compliant per government or industry regulations.
  • Build a business transformation vision, using Google Cloud capabilities, to optimize your technology, economics, innovation culture, and data security.



To get the most out of this course, participants should have:

  • Minimum: group of 3-6 from an organization; varied leadership responsibilities
  • Savvy about your own business products/services and industry
  • Some knowledge of capital expenditure
  • No prior technical knowledge is required.
  • Either a Gmail account or confirmed access to Google Docs, Drive, Forms and Slides.



Module 1: Then and Now

Objective: Differentiate ?Google ?Cloud ?from ?traditional ?technology through ?financial ?and ?IT ?lenses.

Topics ?covered:

  • What ?is ?a ?traditional ?business ?IT ?anatomy?
  • How ?have ?business ?needs ?prompted ?the ?evolution ?of ?IT over ?the ?years?
  • What ?is ?Cloud? ?What ?is ?unique ?about ?Google ?Cloud?
  • How ?does ?Google ?Cloud's ?technology ?and ?cost ?model address ?business ?challenges? 

Module 2: Creating Value

Objective: Describe ?the ?top ?ways ?Google ?Cloud ?Platform ?(GCP) innovatively ?reduces ?costs ?and ?creates ?values.

  • What ?are ?the ?GCP ?product ?categories ?and ?what ?business ?needs do ?they ?address?
  • How ?does ?GCP ?innovatively ?reduce ?costs?
  • How ?does ?GCP ?innovatively ?create ?value?
  • What ?are ?some ?business ?transformation ?cases ?that ?use ?GCP?

Module 3: Culture of Innovation

Objective: Explain ?the ?process ?to ?promote ?a ?culture ?of ?innovation ?using examples.

  • What ?are ?the ?pros ?and ?cons ?of ?innovation ?and ?disruptive innovation?
  • What ?are ?the ?steps ?to ?promote ?a ?culture ?of ?innovation?
  • What ?enables ?and ?inhibits ?innovation? ?What ?are ?some ?examples?
  • How ?can ?I ?promote ?a ?culture ?of ?innovation ?today?

Module 4: Secure and Compliant

Objective: Describe ?Google's ?multi-layer ?measures ?to ?ensure ?customer data ?is ?secure, ?private, ?and ?compliant ?per ?government ?or ?industry regulations.

  • What ?are ?today's ?top ?data ?and ?security ?threats/challenges?
  • How ?are ?compliance ?requirements ?shifting ?with ?Cloud ?technology?
  • What ?are ?top ?Google ?Cloud ?Platform ?(GCP) ?measures ?to ?maintain data ?and ?network ?security?
  • How ?can ?you ?manage ?governance ?(GRC) ?with ?GCP?
Workshop: Transformation Vision

Objectives: Build ?a ?business ?transformation ?vision ?using ?Google ?Cloud ?product capabilities.

  • Round ?1: ?Identify ?business ?challenge
  • Round ?2: ?Explore ?machine ?learning ?use ?cases
  • Round ?3: ?Brainstorm ?potential ?solutions ?using ?data
  • Round ?4: ?Prioritize ?potential ?solutions


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