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CMDBID: 59321 | Course Code: CND-10 | Duration: 5 Days
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Certified Network Defender (CND) is a vendor-neutral, hands-on, instructor-led comprehensive network security certification training program. It is a skills-based, lab intensive program that is based on a job-task analysis and cybersecurity education framework presented by the National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education (NICE).

The course has also been mapped to global job roles and responsibilities and the Department of Defense (DoD) job roles for system/network administrators. The course has been designed and developed after extensive market research and surveys.The program prepares network administrators on network security technologies and operations to attain 'Defense-in-Depth' network security preparedness. It covers the 'protect, detect and respond' approach to network security.

The course contains hands-on labs, based on major network security tools and techniques which will provide network administrators real-world expertise on current network security technologies and operations. The study-kit provides you with over 10 GB of network security best practices, assessments and protection tools. The kit also contains templates for various network policies and a large number of white papers for additional learning.

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Start Date
1267178.0-2023-01-23 2:00:00.Ddls Sydney Australia
Sydney, Australia
5 Days
23rd Jan 2023
1267218.0-2023-02-22 1:00:00.Ddls Canberra Australia
Canberra, Australia
5 Days
22nd Feb 2023
6438791.0-2023-03-23 2:00:00.Globalknowledge Virtual Live Virtual
Virtual, Live Virtual
5 Days
23rd Mar 2023
ddls-AU Canberra-200615-EC-Council Certified Network Defender.-2023-04-10 12:00:
Canberra, Australia
5 Days
10th Apr 2023
1267158.0-2023-04-17 12:00:00Ddls Brisbane Australia
Brisbane, Australia
5 Days
17th Apr 2023
1042365.0-2023-06-22 1:00:00.Learningtree Washington United States
Washington, United States
5 Days
22nd Jun 2023
1267188.0-2023-06-22 1:00:00.Ddls Melbourne Australia
Melbourne, Australia
5 Days
22nd Jun 2023
1267198.0-2023-06-22 1:00:00.Ddls Adelaide Australia
Adelaide, Australia
5 Days
22nd Jun 2023
gurulabs- TBC-440101-Certified Network Defender
ONSITE, United States
5 Days

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