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During this 2-day course you will learn basic concepts and develop skills necessary to administer Harmony Endpoint security solutions.


Technical professionals who support, install deploy or administer Check Point products.

Skills Gained

• Understand the emergence of increasingly more sophisticated cyberattacks and the need to protect endpoints. 

• Explain the advantages of Harmony Endpoint as a security solution. 

• Become familiar with the growing Endpoint Security Market. 

• Describe the key elements of the Harmony Endpoint Architecture. 

• Describe the Harmony Endpoint Management Environment. 

• Understand Check Point’s Infinity Portal. 

• Explain the new Harmony Endpoint Web Management Service. 

• Identify main features of the Harmony Endpoint Management console. 

• Explain how to create and assign security policies for Endpoint clients using endpoint security. 

• Understand deployment methods and server considerations for Endpoint Security Management installation. 

• Identify the different ways to install and configure Endpoint clients. 

• Understand how Endpoint Security authenticates and verifies clients connecting to the Endpoint Security Management Server.

• Describe additional server configurations that are available to help manage Endpoint clients. 

• Recognize the different types of data security available to deploy on end user machines. 

• Describe how Full Disk Encryption technology protects and recovers data accessed and stored on Endpoint computers. 

• Understand how to secure removable media devices. 

• Understand how Harmony Endpoint is defending company networks against sophisticated attacks. • Describe Check Point Harmony Endpoint Agent. 

• Explain how Harmony Endpoint Agent’s advanced technologies are preventing attacks from infiltrating Endpoint machines and corporate resources. 

• Become familiar with Harmony Endpoint troubleshooting methods. 

• Understand how to troubleshoot and debug issues that may occur in the Endpoint Security environment.


Working knowledge of Windows, UNIX, networking technology, the Internet and TCP/IP security solutions.


What is Check Point? Check Point are global providers of IT network and information security solutions, providing customers with robust protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total cost of ownership.

Best known for its FireWall-1 product, Check Point have hardware and software products covering all aspects of IT network, endpoint and data security including the popular NGX, Pointsec, VPN, VSX, R70 and R71 products.

Check Point training and certification courses ensure that IT professionals have up to date security skills, included within our training course portfolio are the Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) and the Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) certifications all designed to give delegates immediate recognition of their experience, knowledge and abilities within the security arena.

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