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AI-102 Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution is intended for software developers wanting to build AI infused applications that leverage Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cognitive Search, and Microsoft Bot Framework. The course will use C#, Python, or JavaScript as the programming language.



Software engineers concerned with building, managing and deploying AI solutions that leverage Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cognitive Search, and Microsoft Bot Framework. They are familiar with C#, Python, or JavaScript and have knowledge on using REST-based APIs to build computer vision, language analysis, knowledge mining, intelligent search, and conversational AI solutions on Azure.


Skills Gained

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Describe considerations for creating AI-enabled applications
  • Identify Azure services for AI application development
  • Provision and consume cognitive services in Azure
  • Manage cognitive services security
  • Monitor cognitive services
  • Use a cognitive services container
  • Use the Text Analytics cognitive service to analyze text
  • Use the Translator cognitive service to translate text
  • Use the Speech cognitive service to recognize and synthesize speech
  • Use the Speech cognitive service to translate speech
  • Create a Language Understanding app
  • Create a client application for Language Understanding
  • Integrate Language Understanding and Speech
  • Use QnA Maker to create a knowledge base
  • Use a QnA knowledge base in an app or bot
  • Use the Bot Framework SDK to create a bot
  • Use the Bot Framework Composer to create a bot
  • Use the Computer Vision service to analyze images
  • Use Video Indexer to analyze videos
  • Use the Custom Vision service to implement image classification
  • Use the Custom Vision service to implement object detection
  • Detect faces with the Computer Vision service
  • Detect, analyze, and recognize faces with the Face service
  • Use the Computer Vision service to read text in images and documents
  • Use the Form Recognizer service to extract data from digital forms
  • Create an intelligent search solution with Azure Cognitive Search
  • Implement a custom skill in an Azure Cognitive Search enrichment pipeline
  • Use Azure Cognitive Search to create a knowledge store



Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure and ability to navigate the Azure portal
  • Knowledge of either C#, Python.
  • Familiarity with JSON and REST programming semantics



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