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CMDBID: 1000679 | Course Code: ARR_F5N_BIG-IRULE-CFG | Duration: 3 Days
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This 3-day course provides networking professionals a functional understanding of iRules development. 

The course builds on the foundation of the Administering BIG-IP or Configuring LTM course, demonstrating how to logically plan and write iRules to help monitor and manage common tasks involved with processing traffic on the BIG-IP system. 

Extensive course labs consist of writing, applying and evaluating the effect of iRules on local traffic. 

This hands-on course includes lectures, labs, and discussions.

Course Topics

• Setting up the BIG-IP system

• Getting started with iRules

• Leveraging DevCentral resources for iRule development

• Exploring iRule elements, including events, functions, commands, variables, and operators

• Using control structures for conditional branching and looping

• Mastering whitespace, grouping, and special symbols

• Measuring iRule efficiency using timing statistics

• Logging from an iRule using syslog-ng and high-speed logging (HSL)

• Optimizing iRules execution, including implementing efficiency best practices

• Modularizing iRules for administrative efficiency, including using procedures

• Securing web applications with iRules, including preventing common HTTP attacks, securing HTTP headers and cookies, and implementing HTTP strict transport security (HSTS)

• Working with strings, including using Tcl parsing commands and iRules parsing functions

• Accessing and manipulating HTTP traffic, including applying selective HTTP compression

• Working with iFiles and data groups

• Using iRules with universal persistence and stream profiles

• Gathering statistics using STATS and ISTATS

• Incorporating advanced variables, including arrays, static variables, and the session table

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