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CMDBID: 108020 | Course Code: IT | Duration: 3 Days
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This three-day course will prepare you for the exam leading to the IT Business Relationship Manager (IT-BRM ) Certification.

In today's high-tech digital world, businesses are experiencing an unprecedented rate of change. At the center of it all is IT. Within IT, Business Relationship Management processes and the specific role of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) play a critical role in achieving successful business results.

There is no doubt that the key role of the BRM is becoming increasingly vital as business units come to depend more on technology to drive business value. The need to have a designated role to ensure strong communication between IT and other departments has never been greater. But to be effective, BRMs must possess a deep understanding of an organization's business processes, goals and objectives. Acting as an intermediary between IT and other departments, a BRM plays a big part in reducing business and IT barriers within an organization.

The IT Business Relationship Manager Certification course has been designed to give you the key teachings needed to be a highly effective BRM. It is presented in a systematic fashion and is based on customer feedback along with Pink's own vast expertise, focusing on core principles of Business Relationship Management. The course delivers hands-on, interactive activities to help you:

  • Establish, build and maintain the relationship between IT as a service provider and internal business stakeholders
  • Identify business value and ensure that both IT and stakeholders understand the requirements to meet strategic goals
  • Identify business partner needs and requirements and ensure that the service provider can meet these needs as business needs change or evolve over time
  • Assist the business in understanding, measuring and leveraging the value of a service

There are three major differentiating components that run throughout the course. No other BRM course includes these components.

    The New iBRM Framework

    You will be introduced to the NEW Integrated Business Relationship Management Framework (iBRMF) made up of five lifecycle phases:

    Actionable BRM Maturity Model

    You will be encouraged to assess and identify the maturity levels for both your role AND the organization in each of the iBRM Framework phases – that's a total of 10 measurement points. The course then recommends actions that can be taken at each measurement point for advancement through to the next maturity level.

    Practical Hands-On Activities

    Throughout the course you will be introduced to practical hands-on activities specially designed to build upon what you're learning and help you apply the new techniques and practices back at work.

    Additionally, this course is organized and structured with an intuitively relatable flow where each topic in each module logically relates to the next, making it easy to follow and build upon.

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