Biztalk Server is Microsoft ’s integration and connectivity server solution. It lets companies automate business processes through the use of adapters that are tailored to communicate with different software systems used in an enterprise.

In addition to integration functionality, BizTalk provides strong durable messaging, a rules engine, EDI connectivity, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and more.

CourseMonster BizTalk Server training is curated by industry-experts as per the latest advancements and demands of the IT industry. The course starts with the configuration of a message architecture and dives into developing BizTalk artifacts, debugging and exception handling, integrate web services, deploy, and administer a BizTalk solution, etc., with real-time examples and projects.

CourseMonster Learning Group is now authorized to offer Microsoft BizTalk Server training. BizTalk enables easy connection between on-site hardware and the Cloud , along with a host of opportunities for cloud applications. Through a partnership with QuickLearn, the company that wrote the Microsoft Official Curriculum for BizTalk Server, CourseMonster will now deliver authorized training for learning to develop and manage BizTalk Server solutions.

Your BizTalk installation is a big investment, and you need to be confident not only that you understand how the technology works, but also that it is optimized for your mission-critical business processes. The team at QuickLearn has been training BizTalk for over ten years and has helped thousands of developers and IT professionals at hundreds of companies to solve their BizTalk issues and maximize performance.

Our team has crafted BizTalk Server training courses that are broken down by both job role and skill level. We offer courses for both BizTalk Server Developers (those writing code and building out integration solutions), \ and BizTalk Server Administrators (those setting up and optimizing the BizTalk Server environment and monitoring\ applications running on top of that environment).

At JBI you will be taught by consultants who use BizTalk day, in day out. Building on top of the standard Microsoft BizTalk Development course you will be given valuable insights into how best to use BizTalk and best practices to follow. \ The course will look at Biztalk's core architecture, which is based on XML and the .NET Framework, WCF and Web services. You will alerted to areas which may cause issues in some scenarios.

Popular courses are  BizTalk Server for Developers

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