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This one-day course equips you with the skills to deliver consistent service excellence at every stage of contact with the customer. It will enable you to handle difficult situations and achieve increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Companies that offer differentiated, reliable and customer-friendly service have a distinct competitive advantage. Because customers have become more demanding, no longer do they choose speed, quality or price - they now expect all three.

This course focuses on the key actions required to achieve real excellence in customer service. The key to customer handling is practice, so you will be encouraged to use real life examples from your place of work to see how you can improve the quality of customer service you provide.

You will take away guidance notes and templates to use, to help you assess your behaviour when working with your customers.


If you are new to customer service or work within a customer service role, either with internal or external customers, and are looking to develop your skills further, then this course is for you.

The focus is on how to deliver a consistent quality service by changing the way you think about customer service and changing your behaviour to match the situation.

Skills Gained

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • State your role in achieving a differentiated customer experience.
  • Shape and deliver your customers' expectations.
  • Analyse the factors influencing company loyalty.
  • Handle customer complaints and objections successfully, using new tools, tips and techniques.
  • Maintain a positive, customer-focused attitude, even in challenging situations.
  • Deliver consistent service excellence.


To gain the maximum benefit from the course, you will be sent an activity to complete which asks you to consider current expectations and challenges. This will help you set the context of the course and you will be asked to use it on the day as part of the workshop activities.


What is a Differentiated Customer Experience?

  • Internal and external customer service, and customer service teams
  • Your impact on the customer experience

Meeting Customer Expectation and Creating a Differentiated Customer Experience

  • 4 levels of Customer Service – discussion on the impacts of service delivered at each level
  • What customers want and going the extra mile – activity
  • How can you impact the customer experience and go the extra mile? – individual reflection

Meeting Customer Expectation and Improving Customer Loyalty

  • Before, during and after each transaction
  • Factors Influencing customer loyalty
  • 5 Ways to create long lasting relationships

Communicating Positively with Customers

  • Barriers to communication – the impact of poor listening & questioning – discussion
  • Barriers to communication – the 'way it is' model – input & question writing activity
  • Active listening & demonstrating empathy – discussion
  • Activity – demonstrating active listening & 'the way it is' model using a real-life scenario

Turning Complaints into Opportunities & Ensuring Consistent Quality Service

  • Handling customer complaints successfully – discussion – the do's & don'ts of complaint handling
  • The AGREE model – facilitator input & practical activity
  • Defusing a difficult situation & saying “no”– the U.S.A model
  • Saying “no” activity

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