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Participants in this course will get a basic overview of the Professional Cloud Architect exam, review the sample case studies, and review each section of the exam. Candidates will be able to identify skill gaps and further areas of study and be pointed to appropriate target learning resources.

Virtual Learning:  

This interactive training can be taken from any location, your office or home and is delivered by a trainer. This training does not have any delegates in the class with the instructor, since all delegates are virtually connected. Virtual delegates do not travel to this course, Global Knowledge will send you all the information needed before the start of the course and you can test the logins.


This course is intended for the following participants:

  • Cloud professionals who intend to take the Professional Cloud Architect certification exam.

Skills Gained

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To get the most out of this course, participants should:

  • Knowledge and experience with GCP, equivalent to GCP Architecting Infrastructure
  • Knowledge of cloud solutions, equivalent to GCP Design and Process
  • Industry experience with cloud computing


Module 1: Understanding the Professional Cloud Architect Certification

Establish basic knowledge about the certification exam and eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings about the process and nature of the exam itself.  Topics covered:

  • Position the Professional Cloud Architect certification among the offerings
  • Distinguish between Associate and Professional
  • Provide guidance between Professional Cloud Architect and Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Describe how the exam is administered and the exam rules
  • Provide general advice about taking the exam

Module 2: Sample Case Studies

In-depth review of the Case Studies provided for exam preparation. Topics covered:

  • MountKirk Games
  • Dress4Win
  • TerramEarth

Module 3: Designing and Implementing

Tips and examples covering design and implementation skills that could be tested on the exam. Topics covered:

  • Review the layered model from Design and Process
  • Provide exam tips focused on business and technical design
  • Designing a solution infrastructure that meets business requirements
  • Designing a solution infrastructure that meets technical requirements
  • Design network, storage, and compute resources
  • Creating a migration plan
  • Envisioning future solution improvements
  • Resources for learning more about designing and planning
  • Configuring network topologies
  • Configuring individual storage systems
  • Configuring compute systems
  • Resources for learning more about managing and provisioning
  • Designing for security
  • Designing for legal compliance
  • Resources for learning more about security and compliance

Module 4: Optimizing and Operating

Tips and examples covering business processes, technical, optimization for security, performance, cost, and ongoing operations and reliability. Topics covered:

  • Analyzing and defining technical processes
  • Analyzing and defining business processes
  • Resources for learning more about analyzing and optimizing processes
  • Advising development/operation teams to ensure successful deployment of the solution
  • Resources for learning more about managing implementation
  • Easy buttons
  • Playbooks
  • Developing a resilient culture
  • Resources for learning more about ensuring reliability

Module 5: Next Steps

Highlght learning resources. Topics covered:

  • Present Qwiklabs Challenge Quest for the Professional CA
  • Identify Instructor Led Training courses and what they cover that will be helpful based on skills that might be on the exam
  • Connect candidates to individual Qwiklabs, and to Coursera individual courses and specializations.
  • Review/feedback of course

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