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  • Web Developers
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • UI Developers.
  • Those who want to learn hybrid mobile development.
  • Those who want to use JavaScript and React skills to develop mobile application.
  • Those who aspire to build a career in mobile application development.


1 Introduction to React

  • Learning Objective:
  • By the end of this module you will learn the basics needed to kickstart react native development. Learn about core concepts like components, JSX, state management in component, component interaction using props and events.
  • What is React
  • JSX
  • React Components
  • Props
  • Events
  • State
  • Lifecycle
  • PropTypes
  • Default Props
  • Hands-on:

Create a React application with function based components and class based components. Use jsx syntax to develop user interface in JavaScript. Apply state management in class based components and pass data to child components using props. code callbacks better past two children from parent component and invoke from child component enable tell to Parent communication.

2 Overview React Native

By the end of this module you will learn the pros and cons of hybrid mobile development. You will learn about React Native and how it has solved problems of performance when compared to previous hybrid development frameworks. You will set up the environment and create a first react native application using expo and react native CLI. You will also learn how to debug RN app.

  • A word on hybrid mobile development
  • What is React Native
  • Preparing development environment
  • Node, Watchman, Xcode, Android Studio
  • React Native CLI
  • Creating And Running HelloWorld React Native
  • Birds view on mobile platforms ios and android
  • First Debugging steps

Create a React Native application using React Native as well as expo, work on applications on Android and IOS simulator. Explore developer menu and debug React Native application.

3 Working with Styles & Layout

By the end of this module you will learn how to apply styles in React Native. You will gain a deeper understanding about flexbox and learn how to develop different kinds of layouts in React Native. You will also learn about style text, images and debug styles.

  • Exploring Styles and using styles
  • Inline Styles, Style Objects, Stylesheet
  • Exploring layout
  • Understanding Box model
  • Understanding FlexBox model
  • Styling Text
  • Styling Images
  • Debugging Styles

Learn the components and tell them using different kinds of objects, develop different components that showcase developing layouts in React Native using flexbox model, style the headings and apply background using images and debug styles.

4 React Native Components

By the end of this module you will learn about different React Native components and their application.

  • What are React Native Components
  • View
  • Text
  • Image
  • Touchables
  • ListView
  • ScrollView
  • Modal
  • WebView
  • TabBar
  • TextInput
  • Slider
  • Switch
  • Picker

Create components that make use of several built in React Native components like view, presenting text, using images, responding to touch events using touchables, handling large data using listview, pan and zoom content using scrollview. Use WebView to embed HTML content into React Native application. Also develop components that use text input, picker to accept data from the user.

5 React Native APIs

By the end of this module you will learn how to make use of React Native API to access hardware related features and platform specific features.

  • What are React Native APIs
  • Alert
  • Handling permissions
  • Geolocation
  • Vibration
  • Create components that use native API to interact with platform services. Show the alerts, fetch geolocation, vibrate the device, access camera roll, and capture pictures using camera

6 Navigation

By the end of this module you will learn the challenges with navigation in the React Native application. You will learn how to setup and configure React Native navigation library.

  • What is Navigation
  • Challenges with navigation
  • Possible solutions for navigation
  • Setting up React Native navigation library
  • Working with React Native navigation
  • Styling the navigator
  • OS Specific use cases

Code Components and configure React Native application with React Native navigation library, develop tab navigation and stack navigation.

7 Remote Communication

By the end of this module you will learn how to consume remote API in React Native application using fetch API and third party http client axios.

  • What is remote communications
  • Libraries available
  • Fetching data using fetch
  • Working with axios for CRUD
  • Create components that fetch data from remote API and post data to remote API.

8 Birds View on release builds

By the end of this module you will learn how to build and integrate React Native apps in Android and IOS operating systems.

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