Being a global leader in enterprise communication systems, Avaya provides unified communications, data solutions, and many more services to several leading business organizations of the world. The Avaya professional training courses and qualification programs help to recognize an individual's competency in acquiring the technologies and practices required to install, maintain, administrate and sell Avaya solutions and services.  

The Avaya qualification certificates help in representing the dedication and expertise a candidate has to deliver best results and values to its customers and clients. Avaya training courses provide a broad spectrum of courses to learn and gain skills required to implement and monitor Avaya products and services.


The Avaya training courses are specially designed and developed by highly qualified and world class experienced professionals to provide complete depth of understanding, skills and techniques. Avaya Training sales courses will help you learn to formulate the value proportion of vendor's solution and many other dimensions and aspects. You will also learn the proper use of a product's features to impact its productivity and increase customer satisfactions and many other features. Avaya training courses strongly focuses on training of Avaya products and solutions, product launches, sales force and skill developments. They use a blend of self-paced, virtual interactive and classroom learning environments to provide maximum learning experience and exposure of understanding. The different level of Avaya training courses deliver the opportunity to choose from a number of courses according to their requirements, ability and skills.

Skills Gained

Avaya training courses deliver the candidates best set of knowledge and understanding to become an Avaya unified communications expert such as Communication Manager, Session and System Manager, and other such professional. Avaya training courses help you provide an image of a competent and dedicated professional among your boss, clients, workplace and customers.

Now stay ahead of everyone with the best and top qualification certifications of Avaya training courses. Stay competent with the day to day growing competitive world of IP network, telephony and call centre technologies and other spheres.

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Avaya Courses

What is Avaya Certification? k

Avaya is well-known among IT professionals for its networking and universal communication with clients, but the firm is also a major player in customer relationship management (CRM) collaboration and team-building services. The Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACSS) Avaya Aura Contact Center professional certification validates that you have the technically advanced knowledge required to successfully encourage Avaya Aura Contact Center products, such as installation, arrangement, administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

The Avaya Certification was developed in response to the demand for highly educated and trained professionals who could sell and create solutions for clients, as well as implement and support Avaya products and solutions.

What is the Company Avaya? k

Avaya is a worldwide technology firm based in Durham, North Carolina that specializes in online communications and workstream collaboration solutions. The Avaya Combination of resources experience platform from the firm comprises unified communications, customer support, CPaaS, and services.

How do I Get Avaya Certified? k

The Avaya Certified Integration/Implementation Specialist (ACIS) and Avaya Certified Solution/Support Specialist (ACSS) are two Avaya certifications. Avaya uses both online and proctored examinations. The Avaya Learning Center provides online examinations; they are free for Sales certificates and $90 for Services certifications.

ACIS certificates range from basic to intermediate, and at least two years of expertise with related technology is required. One of those years must include direct, hands-on experience with an Avaya product. The ACIS-Integration certifications concentrate on the installation, setup, configuration validation, bootstrapping, and troubleshooting. The ACIS-Implementation certs are likewise concerned with installation, but verification, testing, and so on are concerned with the installation itself.

How Long do Avaya Certification Last? k

Almost all Avaya certifications are valid for two years. To keep a certificate, you must fulfill recertification criteria before it expires, which usually involves passing the latest online test(s) or examinations exam (s).

Where to Get Avaya Training? k

Although Avaya provides some certification, it also collaborates with a variety of partners to provide training for Avaya products and services, as well as credentials and certificates. Because the Avaya Training catalog can be difficult to traverse, it may be more convenient to dig down through a certain degree or certification to locate corresponding course titles.

How much is Avaya Certification? k

Avaya uses both online and proctored examinations. The Avaya Learning Center provides online examinations; they are free for Sales credentials and $90 for Services certifications. The cost of proctored examinations for Services certifications is $125.

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